It’s #WomensEqualityDay and Jennifer Mostyn King say “Don’t be Equal—Be Better”

Lately I have read articles, blog posts, social media posts, etc that would have discouraged me from pursuing civil litigation as a career path had I read them as a young female law student or a young lawyer. These articles and posts suggest that women have an uphill battle or less of a chance of having a successful career in litigation than if they were men. I’ve even read a recent article wherein the author wishes she could be as aggressive as the men in trial during cross examination, but alas, she cannot because she’s expected to be feminine and non-aggressive. My message is this—if you want a career in litigation, get out there and get after it. Work hard, get in the game, and be aggressive when you need to be. In the legal community in which I practice, there’s a whole “wolfpack” of booty-kicking, fearless, and fierce female trial lawyers who take no prisoners in the courtroom. Aggressive cross examination you say? Give me a call and I can give you a list of women who could teach a course on it. Are there challenges…absolutely. Is it easy…no way—but nothing worth pursuing ever is. Your dreams are achievable and within your grasp if you get after them. Don’t “lean in”—get on top of that table and own the room.

Don’t be equal—be better.

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