For #InternationalWomensDay, Krisi Kastl shares an uplifting achievement of a childhood friend, someone she’s known since 3rd grade.

“District Attorney Yvonne Rosales, a fellow El Pasoan like myself, recently made history as the first female District Attorney of El Paso. A victory for women in law and all individuals striving to actualize their dreams, Yvonne won the 2020 El Paso District Attorney race after a previous defeat in the 2016 race to the male incumbent. To me, Yvonne serves as a powerful example of why women should not allow initial defeat to quash their dreams for success. Yvonne’s genuine dedication to providing justice for her constituents truly shone through during her second race. Yvonne opened up the doors of the El Paso District Attorney’s Office for future women in politics and inspired women across Texas to never view historical male incumbency as an encumbrance.

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