Aaron Tobin celebrates his hero, his mom, Chris Tobin.
“I would like to celebrate my mom, Chris Tobin, and the wonderful example she has always played for me. At age 32, she found herself in a spot that she did not expect – newly divorced and on her own to care for two young children with no job and little to no education behind her. All she did from there was to work two jobs, and go to night school where she would earn 3 degrees including a masters in nursing. To be able to pay for her education she took a second job taking 12 hour shifts in the emergency room on the weekends. She would go on to become the first nurse practitioner in my hometown of Paris, Texas. Through all of this, she managed to miss very few basketball games and tennis matches or recitals for my sister all the while providing a loving home in which we were raised. Mom – you are a super mom, and always will be my hero.”

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