Kimberly Bocell shares about the two women who have had a significant impact on her life.
“The first is my mother. She was a single mom who raised me on her own. I had no idea at the time the sacrifices she made but certainly do now, as a mom in my own right. My mother was everything — a kind, giving parent, a chauffeur, counselor, cook, successful professional, and friend to many. She taught me so much, and most importantly, she loved me unconditionally and told me I could do anything I set my mind to. She made me the woman I am today.”
“The second woman I would like to highlight is Florence Nightengale. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from TCU before I became an attorney. (My focus now is medical malpractice defense and health care law.) But as a nursing major, I was inspired by Florence Nightengale’s contribution to nursing, but also humanity. I spent a summer semester in London while in nursing school and was able to learn more about her. She was a medical pioneer and lifted the reputation of nursing from menial to a respectable profession to which many women (and later men) aspired. The fact that we have an honored nursing profession today is, in large part, thanks to Nurse Nightingale’s dedication and commitment to serve others. My favorite quote of Nurse Nightengale is: “I attribute my success to this:—I never gave or took an excuse.”
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