Hard work and determination by strong women is what Krisi Kastl celebrates for Women’s History Month.

Both my grandmother, Christine Kastl, and my mother, Patricia Kastl, significantly impacted my professional growth as a woman attorney. My grandmother founded and ran her own successful business with only an 8th grade education. Despite having no formal education, my mother was the smartest woman I have met to this day. These two women taught me that hard work, determination, and self-confidence are a woman’s best ammunition against adversity and obstacles to success. Outside my family, Ann Richards serves as an inspiration for my legal career and personal life. As only the second female Texas governor in history, Ann reminded Texans that the state Governor’s Office is not exclusively an “all-boys” club. I valued Ann’s commitment to improving funding for state schools and her focus on elevating women and minorities into positions of power. Ann was feminine and stylish, yet never let people mistake her nurturing disposition for weakness. After 160 years of male governorship in Texas, Ann’s success in office reminded the nation that women can do everything a man can do “backwards and in high heels.”

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