In honor of Women’s History month, Vicki D. Blanton honors the legacy of her great-great grandmother Emma (center), and her great grandmother Katie B. Johnson, (right).

“As I understand my family history, my great great grandmother was brought to Texas from Georgia as an enslaved girl and, of course, as we celebrate Juneteenth in Texas, she was freed a year later than she should have been. She lived to be 106 years old, and thus witnessed the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, but passed away before witnessing the Civil Rights Act ensuring her right to vote. As a Black woman, I am lucky to be able to trace this much of my family history- and know my great grandmother, who told me this history as I went off to college and became the first to have a University degree. Without the strength of these women to survive while continuing in a belief in a better way, I couldn’t be here today. I like to believe that I, like my daughters, have inherited their grit, faith and tenacity as deeply embedded and coded in my DNA.”

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