A First: DWLA Honors Man With Award for Advancement of Women Attorneys

Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr shareholder Mary Goodrich Nix listed the ways Michael Hurst mentors women but also how he discourages gender biases. He never refers to “great women lawyers,” rather simply “great lawyers,” Nicole Knox said Goodrich Nix wrote about Hurst. “When he catches someone portraying a gender bias, he won’t tolerate it,” Knox said.

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DWLA Honors Male Lawyer with Top Honor for First Time in 46-Year History
Published July 29

“It is imperative that in order to affect change we need to involve men and honor them when they are working as hard as we do to affect change,” said Nicole Knox, president of the Dallas Women Lawyers Association (DWLA).

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Retaining Women Means More Than Feel-Good Groups
Published September 15, 2015

“There are many phenomenal examples of men who have made a difference in the development and advancement of women. Take, for example, Michael Hurst, this year’s recipient of the Dallas Women Lawyers Association Louise B. Raggio Award, presented to those who make significant contributions to the advancement of women in law. …he has a lengthy record of discouraging gender biases and providing critical first chair litigation opportunities to the women who work with him. ”

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