In 2015, as President of DWLA, I was fortunate to work with DWLA’s 2016 President Angela Zambrano and 2017 President Dena Stroh in order to begin our push for the Dallas Bar Association to recognize DWLA as a minority bar association and all of the benefits it entails.   With the extensive help, support, and encouragement of many leading lawyers and judges, notably Judge Tonya Parker and Judge Martin Hoffman, we were able to push our request for inclusion to subcommittee during 2015 and to a vote for inclusion in 2016.  It was much more challenging than we ever expected it to be.  We spent hundreds of hours generating support for the issue, strategizing on our next steps, and encouraging each other to keep going.   We stood on the shoulders of every DWLA President and female trailblazer preceding us, and bringing honor to the women who put us in the position to affect change was our motivation every day of that 18 month journey.   That experience taught me the power of women who unite and support one another.  Divided we may fall, but together we are better.  

-Nicole Knox
Nicole Knox Law