On December 8, 2021, the Dallas City Council made significant changes to its ethics ordinance, which included the creation of an Inspector General Division in the Dallas City Attorney’s Office to be led by an inspector general. The inspector general will be responsible for the management and supervision of the Inspector General Division that will consist of the inspector general, a chief integrity officer, attorneys, investigators, and support staff. The inspector general will be responsible for determining the size and the budget for the Inspector General Division. The Dallas City Attorney’s Office is seeking an attorney with a minimum of ten to fifteen years of experience as an inspector general, or other similar experience, licensed to practice law in Texas and in good standing with the Texas Bar to fill a full-time position as the inspector general.

The successful candidate will report directly to the city attorney and will manage and oversee the operations of the Inspector General Division including: supervising, directing, coordinating, and reviewing independent investigations into alleged ethics violations; fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption by city officials, city employees, and persons doing business with the city; prosecuting alleged violations of the City’s code of ethics before the Ethics Advisory Commission; issuing subpoenas for attendance of witnesses and production of documents the inspector general deems necessary; and issuing advisory opinions to city officials and city employees. The successful candidate will also ensure that investigative reports are provided to the Ethics Advisory Commission, the city council, the city attorney, the city auditor and the city manager detailing the findings of the investigations. The successful candidate will also review and recommend policies and/or procedures to the city council, city attorney, and city manager for the purpose of promoting economy and efficiency in the administration of, or preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse in city programs and operations.

Applicants must:
• Demonstrate an ability to be independent and impartial, and possess a natural aptitude in leadership and management and unimpeachable integrity and personal ethics;
• Possess strong management skills and an attention to detail;
• Be committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment;
• Possess excellent oral, written, communication, analytical, and research skills;
• Have the ability to propose ways to ensure the legal, fiscal, and ethical accountability of city government, including its elected and appointed officials, employees, and those doing business with the city;
• Have experience in coordinating with law enforcement and prosecutorial entities as appropriate to assist in the investigation and prosecution of violations of criminal law;
• Have experience in emphasizing preventative activities through training and education; and
• Have experience in establishing procedures to guide the functions and processes conducted by the Inspector General Division.

The City Council had budgeted $197,558 for this position, which includes pension and other benefits. This position is exempt from the provisions applicable to civil service, pursuant to Chapter XVI, Section 9 of the Dallas City Charter. Details concerning the Dallas City Attorney’s Office are available at www.dallascityattorney.com.

If interested, please send a comprehensive resume, cover letter, six professional references and a writing sample of at least 10 pages and any questions about the position to:

No phone calls, please.