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Driving Success: Three Workshops that Work

Welcome to WMC Program #3, where you choose your own program adventure! Program #3 consists of three interactive workshops taking place simultaneously at the Arts District Mansion on June 7, 2023 from approximately 12:00PM to 1:00PM focused on business and professional skills development. As part of your RSVP for Program #3, you will select which of the three workshops you wish to attend. Come curious and ready to ask questions of our speakers, facilitators, and fellow participants during this interactive program. You can find information regarding each workshop below.


Workshop #1:
Demystifying the Lateral Hiring Market

Speaker: Christin Livesay (Partner at Johnson Downie LLC)

You landed your first job a few years ago, and are now an attorney. But attorney careers are long and varied, and nobody seems to stay in the same place their entire career. Attend this workshop to understand when, why, and how attorneys move firms, companies, or jobs. The current state of the marketplace for applicants and firms. How a recruiter could help you locate your next position. How to evaluate attorneys interviewing with your firm, practice area, or company. And ask those pressing mechanical questions about the process that you have been dying to ask, like how new firm conflict checks work, how do I move my book of business, and more.

Moderator is Candace Groth

Workshop # 2:
Giving Credit where Credit is Due: A Roundtable about Outside Counsel Hiring Practices

Speakers: Dena Stroh (General Counsel at NTTA), Purvi Patel Albers (Partner, Haynes and Boone), Shruti Krishnan (Peloton)

One of the more critical duties of an In House counsel is hiring skilled outside counsel teams and advisors. A lot of focus recently has been on “diversity” in outside counsel teams, including participation by women in senior roles. But all too often the women involved in the pitch aren’t the ones working on the day to day project. Or at least aren’t getting the origination and other firm credit for it. Join us for a roundtable discussion about how in house counsel and outside counsel can work together to bridge the divide on this critical issue and make outside counsel hiring practices more equitable for all involved.

Moderator is Adrianne Mandes

Workshop #3:
Honey Test – Making Legal Jargon Understandable

Speaker: Cynthia Withers, Deputy City Attorney in the City of Arlington, City Attorney’s Office

Feel like you are constantly speaking in legal-jargon because you speak to lawyers and/or judges all day? Join Ms. Withers for a question and answer style presentation about speaking to the non-lawyer audience, and why this is an underappreciated skill set that every lawyer should develop. Along the way hear stories, tips, and tricks that will improve your non-lawyer vocabulary and lawyer jargon alike.

Moderator is Kathleen Klein

June 7, 2023
12:00PM to 1:00PM
Arts District Mansion

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