The History of Dallas Women Lawyers Association

The idea of creating the history of the organization was conceived while Dena DeNooyer Stroh was President of the organization in 2017. Along with Dena, a committee that included Tiffanie Limbrick, Heather New, Katie Bishkin, Angela Hough, Sam Abdullah and Maria Vizzo worked to compile the history from the beginning of the organization when a group of female attorneys in Dallas began to meet regularly to prepare programs and activities for the ABA Convention to be held in Dallas in 1969.  Founding members include Louise Raggio, Judge Sarah T. Hughes and Joann Peters. After their success at the ABA Convention, the group continued to meet informally for mutual support.

The History of DWLA made its debut at the 50th Anniversary Reception of the Dallas Women Lawyers Association at the Old Red Courthouse and Museum on March 27th, 2019.

The video History of DWLA included many past Presidents,
Raggio Award Recipients and Board Members.

Video production provided by Visual Voice Media.

Revisit the 50th Anniversary Reception celebration,
March 27, 2019 at Old Red Museum and Courthouse.

Video production provided by Visual Voice Media.

History of Presidents and Raggio Winners

Past Presidents

2022 Marisa O’Sullivan
2021 Jennifer A. King
2020 Stephanie Culpepper
2019 Sarah Rogers
2018 Stephanie Osteen
2017 Dena DeNooyer Stroh
2016 Angela Zambrano
2015 Nicole Knox
2014 Alyson Blatney
2013 Michelle Hartmann
2012 Christy Jump
2011 Krisi Kastl
2010 Susan Steger
2009 Linda Szuhy Ressetar
2008 Kathryn Veech
2007 Mariah B. Quiroz
2006 Rachel E. Montes
2005 T. Sloan Rawlins
2004 Karen McCloud
2003 Laura Benitez Geisler
2002 Misty Ventura
2001 Norma Shirk
2000 Christina Melton Crain
1999 Nikki Carmody James
1998 Cynthia Figueroa
1997 Cate Kneeland
1996 Barbara Lombrano-Williamson
1995 Nancye Bethurem
1994 Irene Jackson
1993 Tresi Moore (Freemyer) Weeks
1992 Carol A. Wilson
1991 Kelly Robbins Harrington
1990 Camille R. McLeod
1989 Christina E. Mancuso
1988 Elise Galler Gold
1987 Louise Hytken
1986 Adrienne Leonard
1985 Therese Ruffing

Past Raggio Recipients

2019 Charla Aldous
2018 Mary Emma Karam
2017 Sarah Saldaña
2016 Lisa Blue Baron
2015 Michael K. Hurst
2014 Sally Crawford
2013 Honorable Jane J. Boyle
2012 Michele Wong Krause
2011 Patricia Montes
2010 Honorable Nikki DeShazo
2009 Yvette Ostolaza
2008 Mary Alice McLarty
2007 Honorable Karen Gren Johnson
2006 Kathleen Wu
2005 J. Lee Baldwin
2004 Honorable Catharina Haynes
2003 Kim Askew
2002 Christina Melton Crain
2001 Maureen Armour
2000 Honorable Carolyn Wright
1999 Nina Cortell
1998 Honorable Elizabeth Lang-Miers
1997 Honorable Linda Thomas
1996 Harriet E. Miers
1995 Adelfa B. Callejo
1994 Jo Ann Peters
1993 Annette Stewart
1992 Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn