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Preparing the next generation for success

Each year DWLA selects approximately 12 (twelve) applicants for its Leadership Class.  Applicants are chosen based on their demonstrated commitment to elevating the standing of women in the legal profession. The leadership class benefits women law students by providing students with the tools to develop the professional skills necessary for success and leadership positions in law, business, government, the nonprofit sector, and the judiciary.


Creating programs to enhance skills

The Leadership Class meets for a mandatory Leadership Retreat to kick off their year. A series of two workshops occur during the class cycle (one lunch and one evening workshop), featuring local and state leaders speaking on their personal experiences of women in leadership positions and their advice on developing the professional skills required to become and support women in leadership. At the completion of the program, the class organizes a community-service project.

Giving back to the community

Each Leadership class, upon completion of the program, organizes a community-service project.

Outreach projects include:

Leadership Classes

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2015 Class
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2017 Class

Opportunities that would not have existed otherwise are available for the women selected for the class.

The Leadership Class did more for me than I could ever imagine.

What I love about the Leadership Class is that it offers a mix of challenge and support, as well as creativity. It’s an experience I will carry with me forever.