Thank you for being a member of DWLA!  We would appreciate you participating in this short survey related to DWLA’s 2022 agenda and building DWLA membership. Your answers are confidential and will be aggregated for internal review. Thank you on behalf of DWLA’s membership committee.


We would like to understand what compelled you to join DWLA. Please move each line in the order of what is most important to you in being a DWLA member.
  • 1-Building upon a meaningful peer network
  • 3-Content that will continue developing my professional leadership skills
  • 4-Business development
  • 5-Ability to connect (whether in person or virtually)

Membership Payment(Required)
To help empower potential new members to join DWLA, we would like to provide them with information on how members pay their membership fee.

Which topics are the most important to you as a DWLA member? Please choose three topics that you would like to explore in 2022:

Which social media do you most frequently use? Move each line to rank the following:
  • 1-Facebook
  • 2-Instagram
  • 3-LinkedIn
  • 4-TikTok