#WomensEqualityDay – Christie Newkirk

Sheryl Sandberg best expresses my hope with regard to women’s equality: “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There

#WomensEqualityDay – Christie Newkirk2018-02-02T07:39:33-06:00

#WomensEqualityDay – Lindsey Wyrick

On equal footing with our male colleagues, women lawyers can pursue career and professional development opportunities without hesitation. We can feel

#WomensEqualityDay – Lindsey Wyrick2018-02-02T07:48:44-06:00

#WomensEqualityDay – Christy Jump

Louise Ballerstedt Raggio has empowered me to continue the fight for equality for all women, because her actions have had such

#WomensEqualityDay – Christy Jump2018-02-02T07:49:05-06:00
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