2021 Womens History Month-Monica Smith

Monica Smith celebrates her mom Melanie. "She built a successful career in commercial real estate AND raised three kids. Somehow

2021 Womens History Month-Monica Smith2021-03-27T05:49:14-05:00

2021 Womens History Month-Krisi Kastl

Hard work and determination by strong women is what Krisi Kastl celebrates for Women's History Month. Both my grandmother, Christine

2021 Womens History Month-Krisi Kastl2021-03-27T05:51:59-05:00

2021 Womens History Month-Nicole Knox

Nicole Knox celebrates Maya Angelou, her hero. Her wisdom always gives me the strength to persevere. "Each time a woman

2021 Womens History Month-Nicole Knox2021-03-27T05:52:32-05:00

2021 Womens History Month-Staci Glenn

For Women's History Month, Staci Glenn celebrates the woman who was directly responsible for her law career. It boggles the

2021 Womens History Month-Staci Glenn2021-03-27T05:53:41-05:00

2021 Womens History Month-Robert Tobey

Robert Tobey celebrates his Aunt, Hermine Tobolowsky, known as "Mother of the Texas Equal Rights Amendment," which was passed by

2021 Womens History Month-Robert Tobey2021-03-27T05:55:47-05:00
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