Dallas Women Lawyers Association President, Jennifer Mostyn King, in celebration of Women’s History Month, wants to take a moment to recognize and thank a group of amazing women who have made an incredible impact on her professional growth. They are the women who practice on both sides of the Bar in medical negligence litigation.
“We have all read the articles and have seen the statistics. But, statistics don’t tell the whole story. They certainly don’t reflect what I see when I look around at the lawyers with which I’m lucky enough to practice. Within my practice area, I only have to look at my opposing counsel and my Co-Defendants to see it overflowing with examples of strong, confident, and skilled lawyers who also happen to be women.
I’m constantly amazed and inspired when I watch my opposing counsel and Co-Defendants. These ladies deliver crushing blows on cross-examination, make impassioned arguments on behalf of their clients, and treat each other with respect and admiration at the end of the day.
To me, in part, freedom and equality mean we can choose to be whoever and whatever we want to be as lawyers. We can be compassionate and caring with our clients, fierce advocates in the courtroom, and also be friends with our opposing counsel. We can lift each other up and also be individually successful. The two aren’t mutually exclusive; we don’t have to depend on another’s failure to establish our own gain. There is strength in our unity.
I couldn’t ask for a better group of lawyers to learn from and lean on as I grow in my practice. Each of them teaches me to be better prepared and more conscientious, to hone my strategies and my arguments. They teach me to do better and to be a better lawyer and person.
And to all of you women lawyers who know me because we’ve had a case together, if you want to know who I’m talking about, you only need look in a mirror. I am grateful. I am lucky. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
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